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Maxx Sunglasses Launching New Safety Series

Posted on December 03 2015

Maxx Sunglasses is proud to announce our line of ANSI rated glasses, the Maxx Safety Series. All Maxx Safety Series glasses will have the ANSI Z87+ high impact rating on the lenses. Z87+ glasses must pass the “high mass” test which consists of dropping a 500 gram pointed weight from a height of about 5 feet onto the lens. It also must pass the test of having a ¼” steel ball shot at the lens at 102 mph from a distance of 150 feet. The first style in the Maxx Safety Series will be the SS1 with Foam. The SS1 with Foam is based on our top selling Maxx Foam riding sunglasses, and will come in a V-Touch™ gray frame that will feature Maxx Sunglasses full suite of riding lenses…our signature HD, smoke, yellow for fog, and clear for night riding…all with an ANSI z87+ rating. This means the SS1 with Foam will exceed the requirements of New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, Article 9, Section 381 and New York Codes, Rules & Regulations, Title 15, Subchapter D, Part 54.2. Look for the Maxx Safety Series to arrive in mid to late December, 2015.

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