2017 Domain (TR90) Polarized

Domain (TR90) HD Polarized Black
Domain (TR90) HD Polarized Black Domain (TR90) HD Polarized Blue Domain (TR90) HD Polarized Red Domain (TR90) HD Polarized White Domain (TR90) Smoke Polarized Black Domain (TR90) Smoke Polarized Blue Domain (TR90) Smoke Polarized Red Domain (TR90) Smoke Polarized White

Maxx Sunglasses

$ 19.95 
SKU: 2017maxx285

The Domain is our best selling pair of sunglasses for every sport; loved for its stylish design, comfortable fit, light weight, and of course our amazing high definition lens. And, like almost every pair of 2017 Maxx HD® Sunglasses, the Domain is made from TR90 and includes our lifetime warranty against frame breakage. Available in black, blue, red, or white with HD polarized, or smoke polarized lenses.

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