2016 World Series

2016 World Series

The two teams with the longest title droughts in baseball are matched up in the same World Series! Hollywood could not write a better script than this...two historic droughts and only one will end! Whether you believe in curses or not, whether you are a fan of the Indians or the Cubs, or one of their bitter rivals; this year’s World Series is one for the ages and it is almost impossible to look away and we are Maxx HD® Sunglasses are excited to be apart of the dreams of both teams and their fans!

Maxx HD® Sunglasses has been a family owned company based out of Monument, Colorado since 2004, has carried licensed MLB® sunglasses and the Official Sunglasses of the Colorado Rockies since 2006. Our company was founded on and has always focused on the importance of an amazing lens; everywhere you see Maxx HD®, whether at the golf course, motorcycle shop, favorite fishing shop or any of the MLB® stadiums around the country you will know that with Maxx HD®, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LENS!

When we say “It’s ALL About The Lens” we are talking about our signature High Definition lens that offers an indescribable experience that will “WOW” you! High Definition lenses enhance contrast by reducing the scattered blue light that causes objects to appear flat against backgrounds and alters the appearance of blue and green colors, reducing glare, but will not affect the way other colors appear. Contrast is improved so objects appear more sharply defined, colors are bright and vibrant, glare is virtually eliminated, which means that every outdoor activity, including watching and playing baseball is crisp and clear.

If you love baseball, you have to see the game though a pair of our incredible lenses. And if you have a favorite team, you need a pair of our licensed MLB® sunglasses to show the world who your team is!

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