• TR90 Frames

    TR90 Frames

    TR90, a thermoplastic polymer known as "plastic titanium", is a Swiss technology typically available only in high-end sunglasses will be available with most of our Maxx HD® Sunglasses starting in 2017. TR90 is ultra-lightweight, extremely comfortable due to the pliability of the material, is resistant to damage, far less likely to bend or break from impact, heat resistant up to 350°F, has no chemical release or residue and comes with our LIFETIME WARRANTY against frame breakage.

  • HD Lens

    HD Lenses

    Maxx HD® Sunglasses signature High Definition lenses enhance contrast by reducing the scattered blue light that causes objects to appear “flat” against backgrounds while maintaining a natural, non-distorted color balance. Colors are bright and vibrant. Contrast is improved so objects appear more sharply defined. The HD Lens cuts through haze and glare, letting your eyes to relax and allowing for optimum visual clarity, even at a distance.

  • ANSI Z87+ Certified High Impact Resistant

    ANSI Z87+ Certified High Impact Resistant

    Maxx HD® Safety Series incorporate ANSI Z87+ rated lenses and frames; fully conforming to the American National Standards Institute requirements for high impact protection. All of our Safety Series sunglasses have passed the “high mass” and “high velocity” tests, exceed the requirements of New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, Article 9, Section 381 and New York Codes, Rules & Regulations, Title 15, subchapter D, part 54.2, and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against frame and lens breakage.

  • Computer/Gaming Glasses

    Computer/Gaming Glasses

    The Maxx CG1 computer/gaming glasses feature an anti-blue light coating that blocks up to 30% of the blue portion of the light spectrum, specifically the high energy wavelengths that cause eye strain and eye fatigue. Like our signature HD lens, Maxx CG1 glasses greatly improve contrast and clarity without affecting color perception, all while helping your eyes to relax and stay focused. With Maxx CG1 computer/gaming glasses, your next extended blogging session or marathon gaming run will be a breeze.

  • Reading Glasses

    Reading Glasses

    Never squint through that word puzzle, newspaper, or board game again with these great new readering glasses from Maxx HD® Sunglasses. These all-purpose readers come in four lightweight, full frame styles and are available in nine different powers starting at 1.00 all the way to 3.00. Classic reading glasses at their finest.

  • ANSI Rated Sports Goggle

    ANSI Rated Sports Goggles

    According to the National Society to Prevent Blindness, almost 7,000 injuries were found to related to playing basketball. Our new full coverage sport goggles, the SS4, feature ANSI z87+ rated frames and lenses. Also includes vented rubber padding along the brow, cheekbones and the bridge of the nose for cushioned impact protection that still allows heat and moisture to escape, vented rubber sides to help protect temple blows, and an elasticized sports band for a secure fit. Maxx Safety Series SS4 will help keep you in the game!

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