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About Us

Maxx Sunglasses began in 2001 as a family owned company based out of Monument, Colorado.  Built around the high definition lens, Maxx began selling sunglasses out of bright yellow tents and trailers around Colorado Springs.  Thanks to word of mouth from golfers around the state, Maxx grew rapidly, accumulating over 2,000 accounts by 2006.  Ten years and a new distribution center later, Maxx Sunglasses had exploded to over 20,000 retail customers across the United States.  In 2018, Denver based Navajo Incorporated acquired Maxx, saying “This is a one plus one equals three situation.  They're a well-recognized brand with a premium price point in a strong market.”  The integration of Maxx Sunglasses into the Navajo organization will expand distribution, increase styles, and continue to strengthen Maxx’s state of the art eyewear technology at the best prices for our customers.