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Safety Series

SS1 with Foam Black

$ 19.95

Product SKU: 57240

Based on our top selling Maxx Foam riding sunglasses, the SS1 with Foam incorporates ANSI Z87+ rated lenses and frames, fully conforming to the American National Standards Institute requirements for high impact protection.  All lenses feature an anti-fog coating.


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SS1 with Foam Black


SS1 with Foam Black

Best ballistic glasses (and I've used many)

The SS1 HD glasses are the absolute best ballistic protection glasses I've used, period. Not for riding, but for shooting, working in a shooting range, training, tactical courses, etc. I've sat on them, dropped them, set equipment down on top of them, had fragmented impacts, etc. and they stood up to everything! In fact, the only thing I can say even remotely negative is that the paint or coating begins to peel off after years of heavy and unnecessary abuse!

The HD lenses allow for such clear viewing I even wear them when I'm driving because the sun doesn't bother me even when its directly in my line of sight (also helps when shooting immensely).

I HIGHLY recommend these glasses for any and every task. I wish I had them during my years in the military.

Great WARRANTY for Great Glasses

I purchased these glasses in 2011 for motorcycle use. I have dropped them, put stuff on top of them and generally mistreated them for 8 years. Now, the frame cracked. Being very pleased with how well they held up and how comfortable the are to wear, I went back to the motorcycle shop and bought identical new ones. Upon reading the tags and noticing the Lifetime Warranty, I called the number on the website. Melanie answered the phone, had me pick out glasses from the website and is sending them to me free of any charge. Because I had already purchased the motorcycle glasses, she let me pick a totally different set. YES, I am very very pleased! I was happy with the glasses even if there was No Warranty, so this is icing on the cake. Note: I am 70 years old and ride a 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 with racing headers and exhaust. 147 hp rear wheel and 465 pounds with a full tank.

Great sunglasses

I love these sunglasses. Light weight, comfortable, love the safety foam, and the HD lenses are awesome. I had a pair for several years that finally broke that I replaced with this order. Only downgraded my review to 4 stars because the sizing changed just a little compared to the previous pair I owned, so the new ones are slightly bigger on me than I prefer. Otherwise, love them.